What happens when a consumer files a complaint with the Nevada State Contractors Board

Complaints Against Licensed Contractors

  • A letter of acknowledgement is sent to the consumer.
  • An investigator employed by the Board will examine the alleged violations and decide if there are workmanship issues that require a jobsite visit.
  • The contractor is mailed a copy of the consumer’s complaint.
  • If a jobsite visit is necessary, the investigator will advise the contractor and the consumer within 10 days of the scheduled date and time.


  • The jobsite visit is conducted with the consumer and contractor present.
  • The investigator will research and evaluate all information gathered through the jobsite visit, building codes, plans and specifications, industry standards and other information furnished by the consumer and the contractor.
  • The investigator will make a decision based upon this investigation as to the validity of each allegation made.

Invalid Complaint

  • If the investigator concludes that the allegations have no merit, the consumer and the contractor will be notified in writing.

Notice to Correct

  • If the investigator establishes that corrective action is required by the contractor, a Notice to Correct is sent to the contractor enumerating the items requiring resolution or correction. A Notice to Correct is usually sent within five (5) working days following the jobsite visit. A copy of the notice is also sent to the consumer.
  • The contractor is generally allowed 20 to 30 days to comply with the Notice to Correct.
  • The investigator will contact the consumer following expiration of the time allowed the contractor to comply with the Notice to Correct to determine if the contractor has completed the required corrections.
  • The Board recommends that the contractor be permitted access to the property in order to perform the recommended repairs identified by the investigator. Allowing the contractor access to the property may assist the Board’s ability to realize a successful resolution of the complaint.
  • Many complaints are resolved without disciplinary action. If disciplinary action is recommended, formal disciplinary proceedings will be initiated.

Notice of Hearing

  • The Notice of Hearing and Complaint is the formal document that starts the hearing process.
  • The notice tells the contractor (“Respondent”) the specific laws it is alleged to have violated and describes the conduct the Respondent allegedly engaged in that violates those laws.
  • The Notice of Hearing and Complaint requires the Respondent to file a written answer to the complaint within twenty (20) days from the date of mailing. The notice is sent certified mail to the Respondent’s latest address of record on file with the Board.
  • The Respondent is advised in the Notice of Hearing and Complaint that failure to file a written answer within the required time frame constitutes an admission of the allegations in the complaint and that the Respondent’s license may be suspended or revoked without a hearing.
  • The Notice of Hearing and Complaint advise the Responded that if it is found in violation, its prior record with the Board will be considered in determining an appropriate penalty.

Administrative Hearing

  • If the Respondent files a written answer to the Notice of Hearing and Complaint, a formal hearing before the Nevada State Contractors Board, or its designated hearing officer, will be scheduled.
  • The Respondent and the consumer will receive approximately 30 days advance written notice of the time and place of the hearing.
  • The consumer will be requested to appear at the hearing to testify to the facts of the case as they relate to the complaint against the Respondent.

Decision and Order

  • At the conclusion of the hearing, the Board or its designated hearing officer, will make a decision regarding the alleged violations and may impose disciplinary action against the Respondent if violations are found.
  • Within 30 days of the hearing, a written Decision and Order will be issued to the Respondent. A copy of the Decision and Order will also be mailed to the consumer.