Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensed Nevada contractor. The online application process is a great way to get started. This quick overview will help you gather information and documents that you will be asked to upload during the process. Begin the application process by clicking Online Login at the bottom of this page.

A complete guide to becoming a licensed contractor and helpful resources is available. You can also attend our online business assistance program.

Are you a member of the military, a military spouse, or veteran? The Nevada State Contractors Board is here to help expedite the licensing process. For more information, visit our veterans assistance program.

If you cannot complete the process all at once, not to worry, you can save your answers and return at a later time to complete the form. Just remember, we will not start processing your application until it is complete and submitted with payment.

Application Form

Please review the Contractor’s License Application for all licensing requirements.

Here are a few things you will need in order to complete the application form.