The Handyman Exemptions as per NRS 624.031 include the following:

  1. Work performed exclusively by authorized representatives of government entities (United States Government, State of Nevada, incorporated cities, counties, etc.).
  2. Entities recognized as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, facilitating property repair or maintenance in partnership with the government.
  3. Officers of the court acting within their official capacity.
  4. Work performed by public utilities operating under the regulations of the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada for construction, maintenance, and development work incidental to their business.
  5. Owners of property building or improving a residential structure for personal occupancy (not intended for sale or lease), with specific conditions and exemption application requirements.
  6. Work to repair or maintain property valued at less than $1,000, unless certain conditions apply (e.g., building permit required, type of work, contractor’s license).
  7. Sale or installation of finished products or materials that do not become a permanent fixed part of a structure.
  8. Construction, alteration, improvement, or repair of personal property.
  9. Construction, alteration, improvement, or repair financed by the Federal Government within federal sites or reservations.
  10. Owners of agricultural or farming properties building or improving structures for their own use or occupancy (not intended for sale or lease).
  11. Construction oversight services provided by qualified individuals to long-term recovery groups in emergency or disaster situations.

These exemptions define situations where a contractor’s license may not be required under specific circumstances and conditions outlined in the law.