Criminal Complaint Form

  • A letter of acknowledgement is sent to the consumer.

  • An investigator employed by the Board will examine the alleged violations and decide if there are workmanship issues that require a jobsite visit.

  • The contractor is mailed a copy of the consumer’s complaint.

  • If a jobsite visit is necessary, the investigator will advise the contractor and the consumer within 10 days of the scheduled date and time.

Instructions for Criminal Complaints

  • To expedite processing of your complaint, please provide us with a copy of your agreement or contract, all pertinent documents, and copies of the front and back of any checks made payable to the individual or company. Please provide a detailed explanation of the incident.

  • Upon receipt of the Criminal Complaint form, an investigation will be completed to determine if the matter warrants presentation to the District Attorney. If a hearing is scheduled, you will be notified by the prosecuting attorney’s office of the time and place of the hearing.

  • Please provide the assigned investigator with written estimates from three (3) licensed contractors to correct/replace or complete the defective project. This information will be presented to the court for consideration of restitution.