Important Notice for Contractors

Advertising Without a License Is Illegal

As a contractor in Nevada, it’s not just good practice to include your license number in all business advertisements—it’s the law. Ensuring your license number is visible helps maintain transparency and trust with your clients.

Please remember, all forms of business advertisements must display your license number clearly. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vehicles: Any commercial vehicle used for business.
  • Business Cards: A must-have for networking and introductions.
  • Letterhead: Official correspondence is not exempt.
  • Signage: Includes job sites, offices, and any other signage.
  • Directories: Online or print directories where your services are listed.
  • Newspapers and Other Publications: Any print ads or articles mentioning your services.
  • Website: The digital front door to your business.

Adhering to this rule is not just about compliance; it’s about professionalism and building a reputation for integrity. Stay informed and stay legal.

For more details, please refer to NRS 624.720.