In order to apply for a contractor’s license, the applicant must list a single individual person that will be qualifying on behalf of the business entity.

The “qualifying party” means a person who is regularly employed by the licensee and is actively engaged in the classification of work for which the person qualifies in behalf of the licensee.

The qualifying party must have the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to supervise or perform the contracting work.

The qualifying party may be the owner of a sole proprietor business, one of the partners of a partnership, one of the members or managers of a limited liability company, one of the officers of a corporation or an employee of the contracting business.

The qualifying person must pass the required examinations for the license.

The qualifying person must have the required years of experience as a journeyman, foreman, supervisor, or contractor in the classification for which he or she is applying.

While engaged as a qualifying party for a licensee, the qualifying party shall not take other employment that would conflict with his duties as qualifying party or conflict with his ability to adequately supervise the work performed by the licensee.

A person may serve as the qualifying party for additional licenses if one of the following conditions exists:

  • One Licensee owns of at least twenty-five percent of each licensed entity for which the person acts in a qualifying capacity.
  • The qualifying person owns at least 25% of all licensees that person wishes to qualify for. If the qualifying person holds a sole proprietor license that person may qualify for one additional license without meeting the ownership requirements.

The license holder is required to notify the Nevada State Contractors Board, in writing, within 10 days of the resignation, disassociation or termination of the qualifying person. Failure to notify the Board in the required time may lead to suspension of the license. The license can be reinstated once a new qualifier is approved.

Per NRS 624.285, you have 30 days to replace the qualifying person. If the originally qualified person is not replace within the 30 days the license will be subject to suspension.