NRS 624.031 Applicability of chapter: Exemptions. The provisions of this chapter do not apply to:

  1. Work performed exclusively by an authorized representative of the United States Government, the State of Nevada, or an incorporated city, county, irrigation district, reclamation district, or other municipal or political corporation or subdivision of this State.
  2. An officer of a court when acting within the scope of his or her office.
  3. Work performed exclusively by a public utility operating pursuant to the regulations of the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada on construction, maintenance and development work incidental to its business.
  4. An owner of property who is building or improving a residential structure on the property for his or her own occupancy and not intended for sale or lease. The sale or lease, or the offering for sale or lease, of the newly built structure within 1 year after its completion creates a rebuttable presumption for the purposes of this section that the building of the structure was performed with the intent to sell or lease that structure. An owner of property who requests an exemption pursuant to this subsection must apply to the Board for the exemption. The Board shall adopt regulations setting forth the requirements for granting the exemption.
  5. Any work to repair or maintain property the value of which is less than $1,000, including labor and materials, unless:
  1. A building permit is required to perform the work;
  2. The work is of a type performed by a plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, heating or air-conditioning contractor;
  3. The work is of a type performed by a contractor licensed in a classification prescribed by the Board that significantly affects the health, safety and welfare of members of the general public;
  4. The work is performed as a part of a larger project:
    1. The value of which is $500 or more; or
    2. For which contracts of less than $500 have been awarded to evade the provisions of this chapter; or
  5. The work is performed by a person who is licensed pursuant to this chapter or by an employee of that person.
  1. The sale or installation of any finished product, material or article of merchandise which is not fabricated into and does not become a permanent fixed part of the structure.
  2. The construction, alteration, improvement or repair of personal property.
  3. The construction, alteration, improvement or repair financed in whole or in part by the Federal Government and conducted within the limits and boundaries of a site or reservation, the title of which rests in the Federal Government.
  4. An owner of property, the primary use of which is as an agricultural or farming enterprise, building or improving a structure on the property for his or her use or occupancy and not intended for sale or lease.
  5. Construction oversight services provided to a long-term recovery group by a qualified person within a particular geographic area that is described in a proclamation of a state of emergency or declaration of disaster by the State or Federal Government, including, without limitation, pursuant to NRS 414.070. A long-term recovery group may reimburse such reasonable expenses as the qualified person incurs in providing construction oversight services to that group. Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, nothing in this subsection authorizes a person who is not a licensed contractor to perform the acts described in paragraphs (a) and (b) of subsection 1 of NRS 624.700. As used in this subsection:
  1. “Construction oversight services” means the coordination and oversight of labor by volunteers.
  2. “Long-term recovery group” means a formal group of volunteers coordinating response and recovery efforts related to a state of emergency or disaster that is proclaimed or declared by the State or Federal Government.
  3. “Qualified person” means a person who possesses the abilities, education, experience, knowledge, skills and training that a long-term recovery group has identified as being necessary to provide construction oversight services for a project to be performed by that group.

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