The Nevada State Contractors Board extends its appreciation to all members of the Military and National Guard, and understands the challenges relocation can pose for Military families. In an effort to assist, the Contractors Board joins the State of Nevada in offering programs specific to Military families, which seeks to expedite our licensing application process.

Veterans Assistance Program Flyer

Active Duty Military

If you are a member of the Military or National Guard and have a current and active contractor’s license in the State of Nevada, the Contractors Board will consider waiving the fees associated with the late renewal of your license if you are called to active duty at the time your license expiration occurs.


  • Application for Reinstatement
  • Affidavit identifying the dates of active duty service

Veterans Returning to Civilian Life

Intended for Military veterans returning to civilian life this program is intended to help expedite the application for a contractor’s license and ensure that veterans can return to work as quickly as possible.

Utilizing this program will afford you direct communicate with one staff member dedicated and specially trained to evaluate transferrable Military training and experience from all branches of the Military that meet minimum licensure requirements, in addition to evaluating college transcripts to help verify acceptable educational credit and experience.


  • Copies of your DD-214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty)
  • Education and training transcripts provided by your branch of the Military.

Military Spouses

If you are the spouse of an active duty or veteran member of the Military, and you are relocating your construction business to Nevada, the Veterans Assistance Program is available to help expedite your license application process as well.

Through this program, a dedicated and specially trained staff member will evaluate your current records of licensure and help you identify if you qualify for waiver of the Board’s experience and/or trade exam requirements.


  • Copies of your current license certificates from other states.
  • NSCB New Contractor’s License Application


The Patriot Employer Program available through the Nevada Department of Veteran Services will connect your business with education and support to help fill your team with employees who’ve already proven to be successful. The program shows you where to find veterans, how to retain them, the tax credits available and other benefits to hiring men and women who have served our country. Veterans possess outstanding leadership and technical skills that make them an asset to any organization. Engaging this key talent pool benefits a company in measurable ways.

Learn more about this program and the resources available by visiting


The Nevada Department of Veterans Services’ website offers a variety of resources, advocacy opportunities, and other assistance to help you during your time of military transition to civilian life.

The Patriot Employer Program helps connect employers with qualified and skilled veterans to help bolster existing workforces.


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License Analyst

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