Sex: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Hispanic
Birthdate: 01/06/1971

NRS 624.700 and 624.720 multiple filings with the DA’s office and Admin Citations not paid

Southern Nevada

New Vision Landscape- (Revoked License)
Las, website 702-413-8660
Complete Floor Care

Gabriel Hernandez was a licensed contractor as of 2006 with a C-10 landscaping license and as of 2021, that license has been revoked. Currently advertises on the internet aggressively on several sites using two company names, New Vision Landscape and Complete Floor Care. Hernandez should not be used, UNLICNESED CONTRACTOR. The NSCB has several complaints with outstanding citations for violations of NRS 624. DO NOT HIRE…… UNLICNESED.