Sex: Male
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 260
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Race: White
Birthdate: 10/10/1967

Theft -18 counts (Arrest Warrant for each count)
7 Felony, 7 Gross Misdemeanor, 4 Misdemeanor

Southern Nevada

Screen Masters of Las Vegas, Security Screen Masters USA

Brett Jordon Benson was a former Licensed Contractor in the State of Nevada who operated a company called SSM of Nevada LLC, a.k.a. Screen Masters of Las Vegas, a.k.a. Security Screen Masters USA. In late 2019 through 2020, Benson entered into 18 separate written contracts with homeowners to install security screen systems for a total of $151,785.00. He knowingly accepted down payments from homeowners and never ordered, delivered, or started any of the projects. Later that same year the NSCB revoked his license and he was charged with 18 counts of criminal Theft. Benson currently has numerous outstanding warrants for his arrest and was known to utilize a variety of aliases to include Brett Jordon, Brett Jordan, and Brett Zimmer. If seen, please contact the NSCB or local law enforcement.